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Your Rights vs. My Rights

Over the past several months this nation and its citizens have been put through many trials. I have watched intently and have made several observations. Many of my predictions have in fact poked their ugly heads into our daily lives. Many of my friends and family have said that it takes a lot to get me really angry. Well now I am angry!

To use a quote from a film (I didn’t even like), "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!" I am sick and tired of all of those individuals, including public officials who feel that everything is a political statement.

This blog may prove to be longer than most. I am planning on breaking it up into two parts. As a reader you may think that I too am being political, but YOU ARE WRONG! I could care didley squat about the political ramifications of what is going on in this community, state, or nation. What I care about are the people!

I look at facts. I have looked at facts most of my life. Sometimes facts do change when more light is shown on the evidence. In truth, it is not the facts that have changed (about COVID-19) it is that with more that is known, better solutions can be made to handle the situation. Whether you like it or not, when you use the scientific methods and analyze what is actually going on, not what you believe or what someone has told you to believe, an honest and factual conclusion can be made. When there are many unknowns then a hypophysis is set into action and a strategy, (one strategy at a time) is set into action. If that strategy is proven wrong, adjustments should be made and action taken.

That said, the main focus for the last 4 months has been COVID-19. Notice I used the ACTUAL NAME given to this virus. Not some name made up by a public official. Not some derogatory term that blames others. Not the generic name of the whole system of virus, but the ACTUAL NAME given to this particular virus.

As I have said before this virus is not like anything we have seen in the last one hundred years. And even that pandemic’s name is ironic if you look at the actual facts. More people have died in the first few months of this pandemic than died in the first six months of the Spanish flu of 1918. The main factor is that this virus moves more rapidly than any other known virus. The symptoms have morphed into different things, in different areas, effecting each individual differently. Some symptoms have remained the same while other symptoms are being discovered. We do not know what the lasting effects will be for those who have had serious cases. We don’t know if those who have had mild cases will also have side effects that will last them a lifetime. There is just too much that is still unknown and probably won’t be known until all the scientific investigation is completed, which may be months or most likely years down the road.

Already we have seen children ages 2 – 17 develop Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS-C) six to eight weeks after having a mild case of COVID 19. Whether the effects of this syndrome is long term is again unknown. Although this condition is considered rare, IT CAN AND DOES HAPPEN. We have also seen a young woman, with no known underlying conditions, (at least none that I could find) have to have a bilateral lung transplant due to a condition called post-COVID fibrosis or Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. This is where the lung develops holes and portions of it dies.

What I find interesting is that 40% of those who have contracted COVID-19 and are hospitalized, develop ARDS. 20 % develop sever cases according to the medical magazine Healthline. This is a lifelong condition and it doesn’t care about age, gender, race, religion or even political affiliation.

The following is a clip from the latest Healthline edition in their Health News column:

Healthline: While the majority of COVID-19 deaths have occurred in people who are older, these fibrosis cases show that even those who survive the disease can have lasting complications. Some other effects include: ARDS, post-intensive care syndrome a lasting impact on the kidneys, heart, and brain

When will we stop being self-centered, egotistical brats and open our eyes and see, really see, what is going on around us? In prior articles I have asked the question, “If this virus is heat sensitive why were there so many cases in the Southern Hemisphere where it is summer?” At the time it was still winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Funny thing, I never got an answer. Now summer is here and guess what. Cases are spiking. In which states? In our most southern states. Where the heat index can climb to more than one hundred degrees. Which state chose to ignore what the experts were saying? Those same states! One of which is still in denial.

I am tired of hearing that “this is just a flu-like illness” or “people will die”, better yet “I’m healthy I won’t get this.” Well woopy do for you! First this shows how ignorant you are. Second it also shows that you don’t give a damn about anyone but yourself. Do you care so little about those around you that you are willing to jeopardize anybody and everybody you come in contact with? How do we know that you are not asymptomatic? What, because you say so? Remember that those who have died or may die from this virus also have parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, husbands, wives, children and many other extended families, who end up having to deal with this loss. Losses that may very well have been prevented, had you simply followed the guidelines set down by the experts and your state.

A short side note to illustrate this. My husband and I have a young person staying with us. She is my cousin and has just turned 30, though she is more like a niece or granddaughter. She wants to become a firefighter and came here with every intention of learning this trade from some of the best men and women Mike and I know. Over the Father’s Day weekend she went back to Las Cruces to visit her parents. While there she saw a number of her friends. One of those friends soon after informed her that they had tested positive for COVID-19. Now she is stuck in a place that according to her is hot, and not Ruidoso. She wants to return but won’t until she is cleared, so she is confined to her residence in Las Cruces. Her first concern was those she cares about, and so she chose to isolate herself until she is totally cleared.

I also predicted that we would have more cases if we did not follow the guidelines. Well, during the height of the Lock Down when, I’ll say 90% of the public was following the guidelines, we had 2 cases and many of you pissed and mooned, bellyached, and complained that it wasn’t really affecting us…we need to open our small community in Lincoln County, New Mexico. There was even a report that per capita we should expect a least 5 cases in our area. Guess what! Two weeks after the Governor of our state moved to reopening, Ruidoso, the largest town in our county and a town that thrives on tourism, choose to move from Lock Down to Phase II not the recommended Phase I. And then we had 3 more cases. As of Sunday June 28, my sources tell me that we now have an additional 10 more cases. Officially, the reports today show only 11. In the process of checking the data I was relieved to find that although these are active cases, none have been hospitalized at this time. That doesn’t mean that they couldn’t be in the future or that there won’t be more cases. Our county community of 19572 full time residents will already have exceeded three times what was originally predicted for this area. The full time population of Ruidoso, which stands at 7,848, has also increased with the opening of our small community due primarily to the seasonal residents from the surrounding hot spot areas. This increase amounts to an annual surge of 36,000 additional people our community is now responsible for. Many of whom are not practicing the guidelines.

In another posting I also informed you of five people, (one a doctor in this community) who had the very symptoms associated with COVID 19 during the months of November through January when testing was not available not only in our community but also in the nation. Again no one had an explanation. To my knowledge they still have not been tested for antibodies and this is not by their choice.

There was even an editorial in our local paper from a very credible Neurologist from Alamogordo, berating Ruidoso for their lack of care for their fellow citizens in their refusal to wear masks and a complete disregard of the guidelines.

Just how many more people have to die or become seriously ill before you will stop politicalizing this virus? This is not a toy to be bounced around like a volleyball. This is serious and the sooner you realize it, the sooner we will be able to combat it.

Here is where my rights come in.

Every citizen, man woman and child has rights. They have a right to express those rights, but their rights stop where my nose begins. And yes, I have coined a phrase that was used in the 60’s and 70’s during the Viet Nam protests. It is as true today as it was then. I have lived almost three quarters of a century and have seen this nation go through many changes. Some good some not so good. I have watched individuals destroy what was not theirs in the act of demonstrating their rights. I have watched the morals of our country be destroyed by those same people, showing us that their rights are more important than anyone else’s. Well no more! Here is an enlightenment for all of you.

If you injure someone in the process of demonstrating your rights you can be held accountable, both civilly and criminally. If someone dies because of your actions, you can be charged with murder. This does not matter if you are a citizen, business owner, religious leader, member of your community government, radio announcer, civic leader, or a government representative (state or federal). You can and should be held accountable.

As a concerned citizen, I have been and will continue to make a list of those who have stirred the pot of unrest during this pandemic within my own community and will offer it to anyone or their family, who become ill or worse because of the repeated disregard of the mandates set down by my state. I urge others in their own communities to do the same. It is important that all realize that this is not a game of chicken.

If you see a business in violation, please report it to the proper channels.

I will also add that having a business is NOT A RIGHT it is a privilege. You must have a license to not only operate within your community but in addition must have whatever your state requires. You are obligated to follow any mandate that is set down by the Governor of the state in which you live. Had this been a federal mandate, the requirement would have been enforced by the federal government. As stated by our federal government, recommendations by their experts from the CDC were presented and each state was to initiate a policy to be adhered to by the residents of each state.

Here is the policy set down by the State of New Mexico for retailers and Salons (extracted from the state website):

COVID Safe Practices for All Retailers

Retail establishments providing essential goods and services have remained open in limited capacities during the public health emergency, requiring their courageous employees to be on the front lines. We’ve learned important lessons below from these businesses and employees on how to keep safe while servicing customers, which are embodied in the requirements and best practices below.


· Adhere to Required COVID-Safe Practices for All Employers.

· Adhere to maximum occupancy limits per the State’s Public Health Order.

· Utilize signs, stanchions and/or floor decals to support 6-foot social distancing, including one-way aisle traffic and separate entry/exit wherever possible.

· Utilize signage to communicate occupancy limits and encourage customers to wear face coverings.

· Maintain a schedule of stringent daily cleaning and sanitizing.

· Once every two hours (or more frequently), clean and disinfect high-touch items such as doors, fitting rooms and credit card terminals.

· Establish safety protocols to allow for contactless curbside pickup and home delivery wherever possible.

Best Practices

· Employ a greeter to communicate safety restrictions and protocols.

· Install large plexiglass sneeze guards at cash registers wherever possible.

· Arrange for contactless payment and receipt options to the greatest extent possible.

· Screen employees and customers with a no-contact thermometer; individuals with a temperature reading above 100.4°F should be denied entry.

· Offer face coverings and gloves to customers.

· Provide alternative shopping times to vulnerable individuals at higher risk of severe illness.

COVID Safe Practices for All Salons, Spas, Tattoo Parlors & Relate Services


· Adhere to COVID-Safe Practices for All Employers.

· Adhere to Required COVID-Safe Practices for Retail Establishments.

· Adhere to maximum occupancy limits per the State’s Public Health Order.

· Workstations and equipment must be cleaned and sanitized after each client use.

· Accept clients on an appointment-only basis.

· Prohibit clients from remaining in waiting areas before or after appointments. Clients must remain outside the establishment and adhere to social distancing.

· Remove all unnecessary items from reception and waiting areas, such as magazines, newspapers, service menus, etc.

· Discontinue use of paper appointment books or cards.

· Discontinue use of communal pools, hot tubs and saunas.

· Private hot tubs and saunas are required to be cleaned and disinfected after each client use.

· For laundry, adhere to the CDC guidelines, outlined as follows:

· Launder items according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use the warmest appropriate water setting and dry items completely.

· Wear disposable gloves when handling dirty laundry from a person who is sick.

· Do not shake dirty laundry.

· Clean and disinfect clothes hampers according to guidance above for surfaces.

· Remove gloves, and wash hands right away.

· To support contract tracing, provide all customers who visit the establishment the opportunity to record their name and phone number or email address, along with the date and time of their visit, and retain such records for no less than four weeks from the date of collection.

Best Practices

· Arrange for contactless payment and receipt options to the greatest extent possible

· Arrange for telephonic, text, email or online scheduling to the greatest extent possible

· Screen employees and customers with a no-contact thermometer; individuals with a temperature reading above 100.4°F should be denied entry.

· Require clients to wear face coverings during service to the greatest extent possible.

· Consider using face shields in addition to appropriate face coverings by those employees providing shampoo services other services requiring face-to-face interaction.

· Stagger work schedules to lower workplace density.

Individual business owners can download a copy of the restrictions that pertain to their particular business at the New Mexico Department of Health. It is up to you to protect your business and have those entering your business follow the guidelines set down by your state. This includes any visitors to your community.

As I mentioned before. Should someone become ill or worse by you not following the guidelines you can and should be held accountable.

The guidelines for individuals are rather simple. Wear a mask. Let me stop here because I feel that I need to explain the wearing of the mask once again. As I have said in every article I have posted pertaining to COVID-19, A MASK DOES NOT PROTECT THE WEARER. IT PROTECTS THOSE AROUND YOU FROM ANYTHING YOU MAY HAVE COME IN CONTACT WITH. We have no way of knowing where you may have been or who you have been in contact with. Furthermore, the wearer may still be able to contract COVID 19 through the eyes, by touching someone or something and putting their hands on their face. Hence the reason that it is vital that we wash our hands on a regular basis or constantly use sanitizer. Gloves are no excuse for not washing your hands. The last guideline for the public is to practice social distancing. This should not be that difficult either. For the average personal space around a given person is six feet. If you don’t let anyone into your personal space you should have no problem.


As always I will continue to encourage each and every one of you to do your own research, but caution you to always, always, go back to the original source to get your answers. Do not rely on what someone else has said or written. Don’t be a Lemming. There are too many of them out there these days. I say this because I do think that each and every one of you has a brain and knows how to use it. We are an intelligent species let’s use what God has given us and do what is right for all not just a few.

Had we done that in the first place, who knows we could have saved lives and been on the down slope of this crises.

Now on to part two.

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