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You Can Tell Spring Is Almost Here When...

The Ruidoso Home and Garden Show arrives. Well folks, it will be here in no time at all. The date set for the big event is scheduled for the third weekend in March. That’s March 20th through the 22nd of this year.

For the first time On Scene Support, Inc., (a 501-C3) will have a booth at this event. We hope to see all of our supporters and make a few new friends there.

In our booth you will be able to see what we do and ask questions. We are looking for that ‘1 in a 100’ who feels a calling to help our First Responders.

If you are retired or thinking about retiring and don’t have a clue what to do next but know that you want to be involved in your community, please come talk to us.

If you are, or know someone, who needs community volunteer time for that college application, please come talk to us.

If you think that a career as a First Responder, in the medical, fire protection, or police force, is what you want please come talk to us.

If you are the ‘1 in one 100’, this would be your opportunity to observe the first responders in action--to see if this is the fit for you.

On Scene Support (OSS) has other projects in the works that also need your support. If you’re not interested in volunteering but want to help in other ways, here is how:

Ambulance. We need enough money to purchase a four wheel drive ambulance that has been taken out of service. We need to refurbish it into a unit where First Responders will have access to a restroom facility on scene, a catered rehydration service stocked with nutrition and energy bars. Incident situations lasting over two hours are provided this courtesy assistance in Lincoln County exclusively through On Scene Support. Many we’ve served have been fires, semi-trailer accidents, fatalities and investigative police scenes. Longer situations often require food service coordination.

Privacy Screen. We need money to purchase privacy screening to be used by the law enforcement agencies on fatalities and situations demanding privacy. Large enough so that the First Responders can do their jobs, but yet give the victim and their families the dignity they deserve. It can also be used to protect the scene from any weather.

Ongoing Supplies. Our last effort is to raise money for the day to day needs of our organization: water, G2 and nutrition and energy bars we distribute each time we go out on an incident, in addition to the funds we have to use when we purchase meals. All this comes from donated funds. Sometimes, we donate much of this on our own in order that our First Responders don’t go without. It’s our passion. We are the ‘1 in a 100’ type. Are you?

This is your chance to show your support for your community and our First Responders.

Stop by our booth and find out if this is your next calling. And if you’re lucky, you might also win the special drawing for a children’s Rescue Station (for ages 3 and up).

All pictures taken by S.L.Myers in September of 2012

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