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Why I Wear a Mask

The times of COVID 19 are very trying for all of us. Fear of the unknown is with us each and every day. How we react to it shows others what we are made of and how much we care about others. Are we so self-centered that the only the only person that matters is ourselves? I hope not!

As a researched and fact finder I have tried to make it my business to gain as much knowledge about this virous and as such wrote my first blog on this subject back on March 23. What I have found out since is that there is not enough science yet to make clear and concise directives. This particular strain of the Coronavirus is morphing faster than anything seen before. What the experts thought two months ago may not be the same today. The major problem with COVID 19 is that it is moving so rapidly unlike anything the scientist have seen before. What is disappointing is the comments stating that this is like any other virous. When it is not. I have heard others state that the flu has caused many deaths annually. Well yes they are right as far as they go, but that was over a years’ time. We are looking at months.

At this point I would like to give an analogy and in case you may not see the correlation I will also state why I am using this particular example.

There have been statements that “This is a war against an unseen enemy”. And I truly believe that this is a war of some kind. Not one where we need to point fingers at anyone or any country. One where we should have a single body directing the nation on how to combat this enemy, not 50 different groups work in 50 different directions. Had this been handled as a physical attack on our country, with both the executive and legislative parts working together under a declaration of war, there would have been avenues that could have been followed to enlist the services of all able-bodied companies, and individuals to work as a one unit to get the needed supplies, personal, and information to the areas in need faster. By waiting time, and people were lost needlessly. Action could have been taken when the spread was first noticed, prior to the first infection on our shores.

Now to the analogy: During the Koran Police Action which lasted from 1950-1953 there were 4,435 deaths. Viet Nam Conflict brought our nation 58,000 deaths form 1955-1975. The Gulf War we were fortunate to only loose 145 precious lives. It lasted 1990-1991 actually a matter of months. Then came Iraq in 2003- 2011 that claimed 4,487 of our valent Americans. Lastly we have Afghanistan from 2001, which is still going on with 2440 deaths to date. That’s a total of 69,507 United States Citizens who have lost their lives for this country. Why is it that their lives count more than the 102,137 we have had in the United States as of this date. Each and every one of these lives should count. It shouldn’t matter if they gave their lives in a physical battle for this country or due to an “unseen enemy”. They all were mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents and loved by someone. There lives should count. Instead of years their lives were lost in months.

Here are a few notes that I have both experienced and through talking to first responders, doctors, and many others in the medical field.

First this virous has been in this country much longer than first thought. I personally know of 7 individuals who contracted an unknown virous in December/January. Had all the various tests for all known viruses, which came back negative. I also know of a couple who while traveling In Mexico came down with the same mysterious illness, and then transmitted it to family members on their return, during this same period of time. I have also been told that there have been a number of unexplained deaths during that December January time. This was all with in our county of 19,572.

My second observation is that this virous had its most deadly break-outs on the coastal regions of the U.S. and is now working it’s way toward the center of this country. I have been told that this in normal for a virous by experts in this field. Which means that laces that are inland from the coastal areas have not seen what this virous can and will do, but their time will come. So, they need to be just a cautious as those most affected.

This last observation is more of a question in answer to the statement made by some. If this virous will dissipate during the summer season, or is so affected by hot weather, Why were there major out breaks in countries south of the equator during their summer-time? I will be the first to admit, now that it is their winter-time their problems have increased. Point being is that we can not count on this letting up anytime soon. Plus once it does let up it will always be in our future.

I do not wear a mask in public to protect myself. A mask does not protect the person wearing the mask it helps protect those around you. I wear that mask to let others know that I care and want to protect them from not just this virous but anything that I may have come in contact with. Even though I know that I have been self-quarantined, how do they know that? To be perfectly honest with you, I would rather not have to wear a mask. I am extremely claustrophobic and when I wear a mask I sometimes have panic attacks, but that doesn’t stop me. WHY! Because I care and want to do what I can to stop the spread of this virous.

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