• Lynn Myers

Three Rivers Fire Update

It is morning and we are having a light shower. With the rain there is hope that some good will come but as yet there has been no change.

I do have a few pieces of information I would like everyone to know:

1. For those who have been evacuated Alto Café is preparing meals

2. First responders Angus Church has a trailer that is able to prepare up to 300 meals at a time

3. The Allsup's at Cree Meadows and Mechem is donating food and water to First Responders

4. Albertsons has donated a palette of water and one of Gatorade

Lets be sure to thank these businesses for their support and remember them with our patronage.

There is just a little more business that needs to be taken care of. Some Will be a repeat of what was posted yesterday.

The Official Fire Information Face Book Page from the U.S. Government for this fire is Three Rivers Fire 2021. They post information twice daily, midmorning and in the evening. At their last posting we are still

standing at 6100 aces. This does not mean that the fire hasn’t grown in the last twelve hours, it just means that a report of acreage burned is not available. Also, the cause is still under investigation and is unknown at this time.

The following is the Coordinator for the government Face Book Page: Southwest Coordination Center (SWCC) Website – http://gacc.nifc.gov/swcc . If you visit this site there is a crawler at the bottom of the page, in green the phrase SW Wildland & Prescribed Fire Map. If you click on it a map of the southwest will appear and you should see the Three Rivers fire noted. Click on Three Rivers and all the latest information is right there.

In additional information can be found at nmfireinfo.com/2021/04/26/threeriversfire. A short cut can be found at the SWCC web page. Under fire information on the left click on New Mexico then on the right side of the page there is a summary. Click on that and New Mexico Fire Information will appear.

This is all I have for right now. I will be checking in at the midmorning briefing and post after that. Should anything happen between then I will let you know.

As always, If asked to evacuate PLEASE do so. Remember if you choose to stay behind you are not only jeopardizing yourself but you are also jeopardizing the life of every First responder who tries to convince you otherwise. It is the responsibility of every First Responder to keep us safe. Let’s not make their job harder

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