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Three Rivers Fire Final Entry May 04, 2021

This morning I was able to get a much better map of the Three Rivers Fire. You will notice the black outline to the west and south of the fire burn area. That indicates the containment line that has been established. The red line is the total perimeter of the main fire area. The smaller red blotches are the current spot fires. Hope this clears up any questions anyone might have. Please remember that if you have questions, all you have to do is ask. If I don’t have the answer, I will make every effort to get the answer to you. If you like my posts, you can follow us on Facebook at OSS-Lincoln County On Scene Support or at our web site oss-lcnm.org.

Great news all around. Due to the weather conditions and the Little Bear burn scar there has been NO movement over the last 24 hours. The acre burned stands at 7020 and containment is reported at 23%.

This morning will mark the transition of the Type 1 Southwest Incident Management Team 2 to the Three Rivers Fire back to the local Type 3 interagency organization. Our firefighters will continue to strengthen the established control lines. In addition, they will continue to monitor the fire, extinguish hot spots, and obtain more accurate mapping. There will also be a continuation of patrolling of structures within the perimeter of the fire should it become more active. Due to the fact that there has been a drastic decrease in the fire activity, more crews are expected to be demobilized.

We can expect that there may be visible smoke within the burn area during mid-day to late afternoon. This will be due to small areas on unburned vegetation within the interior of the burn area. Most of the surface fuels that would allow the fire to carry within the fire perimeter are gone there are unburned patches that can smolder for weeks.

As mentioned yesterday a closure order has been issued for a portion of the White Mountain Wilderness. The reason for the order is to protect the health and safety during the Three Rivers Fire. The good news is that the remainder on Lincoln National Forest is open to visitors, however, the bad news is that the forest along with the Mescalero Tribal lands plus the surrounding areas will be under Fire Restrictions.

Many of you have probably guessed that the fire season has come early to our beautiful mountains. Due to the extreme drought conditions through out most of southern New Mexico. Each one of us needs to be extra vigilant this season and remind those not accustom to the area that we are in a drought and the chance of fire is and will be higher this season. Better to be cautious this season so that our visitors will have the beauty of the area to experience in years to come. One last note here, For those of us who are permanent residents we need to be ready for anything. As I mentioned in one of my prior posts be prepared. Each member of your family should have a GO BAG. Just in case. One never knows when an emergency will arise. It doesn’t have to be a fire. It could be most anything from medical, personal, or disasters or all kinds.

Some have asked if there are still road closures. The answer is YES. They are as follows:

Bonito Canyon Road past the Bonito Lake Dam

Nogal Canyon Road past the Nogal Peak trailhead

Three Rivers Trailhead and Campground

Monjeau Lookout at Sierra Vista

In that the Southwest Type 1 Team will no longer be giving news releases and have turned all information over to the local agencies, this will also be my last update. Unless there is a major change in events relating to the Three Rivers Fire or an additional disaster affecting our community.

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