• Lynn Myers

Third Update for the Three Rivers Fire Tuesday April 27, 2021

The summary for the evening briefing has not be released as yet, so the only information available is date stamped as of 1 PM this afternoon.

The following evacuation areas have been lifted:

Ski Run Rd up to the Eagle Lakes turn – That means that there may be areas above Eagle Lakes that are still under evacuation mandates.

Villa Madonna

The Bonito corridor below the Bonito Lake dam- Again this means that those areas above the dam will remain under the evacuation mandate this includes Tanbark

Nogal Canyon Rd. up to the Nogal trailhead

All inhabited areas west of HWY 37 which include

Loma Grande

Cora Dutton RD.

Ranchman’s Camp


Church Mountain area

The most important thing to take away from this is that this is all subject to change at a moments notice.

We must all be prepared incase evacuation is once again deemed necessary in these areas or other areas. We are at the hands of mother nature. Fire can and does create its own weather. So, depending on the fire activity and the weather will depend on what we can expect.

To end this last report for today remember: If asked to evacuate please do as you are asked. Those who choose to stay behind do so at their own risk. However, they are not only putting themselves at risk but also the First Responders who will be encouraging them to leave. All lives are important.

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