• Lynn Myers

Honor Awarded to On Scene Support

It was an honor for this to be awarded to Michael Myers and he accepted on behalf of On Scene Support.

When presented the award he said, " I don't know why your making such a big deal out of this. This is just something I do."

As I posted it to my Facebook page he became very embarrassed and again said "it is no big thing". Well as his wife it is a very big thing and I am so proud of him. To be able to support all our first responders is what he lives for. The recognition is nice but doesn't hold a candle to the look on the faces of the men and women coming up to him when they are in need of hydration, food, or something else he might have in his truck.

These are the men and women who keep us safe. God Bless Them All! Let each and everyone of you help keep them safe.

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