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Day Three of the Three Rivers Fire 04/28/2021

Good afternoon everyone, it has been an interesting morning for me. Between answering phone calls, emails and just catching up on everything that I let slide for the past three days, the morning whizzed by and I am just now getting my update written.

This update is as of 12:11PM on Wednesday, April 28, 2021.

Yesterday our team of Firefighters, which included Volunteer Firefighters from Bonito, Nogal, Glenco, Hondo, Capitan, Lincoln, and also Firefighters from Ruidoso, BIA, and U. S. Forestry, ( hopefully I didn’t forget anyone), were able to construct a fire line on the South end of the fire. This was due partly because of the cooler temperatures and an increase in moisture. An additional request was made by the Type 1 Team to scout potential fire lines in the rough terrain of the White Mountain Wilderness. At the time of this report there were 210 personnel working this fire.

With the aid of more accurate information, it is estimated that the fire has is approximately 12,000 acres and is 5% contained. The 12,000 perimeter as shown on the map includes smaller spot fires that have “Spotted” in front of the main fire. There is still a lot of unburned land between the main fire and the spot fires. This is due to the wind blowing embers away from the main fire and igniting brush, grass, or trees in front of the main burn. An infrared (IR) flight was requested last night to further aid in the mapping of the burn area and to detect additional spot fires.

At this time there have been NO damage or destruction of structures in addition there has been no injuries. Hopefully, it will stay that way. The area burned is mainly consisting of mixed timber and grass. Due to the high winds and drought conditions this fire has been moving quickly. Forward movement has been hampered by a helping hand from mother nature and the fact that it is headed into the burn scar from the 2011 fire. Right now, the fire is heading toward Mescalero Tribal lands and is burning North and East.

As of 6AM this morning the Southwest Team 2, IMT took command and will control all activity regarding the fire. This Team has come equipped with all that is needed from Logistics and firefighters to medical staff and complete kitchens. Although I am sure they would appreciate anything that we would offer they would rather we maintain vigilant and follow any requests they make.

As mentioned previously, addition resources have been requested and that it is the intent to have 100% suppression. The difficulty in this will be due in part to the extremely rugged terrain, limited road, and trail access within the fire area. Therefore, the anticipated containment won’t be until 07/04/21

Here is the good news, as mentioned last evening many of the areas evacuated have been reopened.

However, there are a few exceptions and here they are:

Bonito corridor above Bonito Lake dam including Tanbark

Ski run Rd. above Eagle Lakes turn

In addition, the following roads are still closed:

Bonito Canyon past Bonito Lake Dam

Nogal Canyon Rd. past Nogal Peak trailhead

Three Rivers Trailhead and Campgrounds

Monjeau Lookout at Sierra Vista

Please keep in mind that all this could change in an instant. With that in mind let’s be vigilant, prepared, and above all if asked t evacuate do so with out haste. Those who choose to stay behind are not only putting themselves a risk, but they are putting the First Responders, who will try to reason with them, at risk. Things can be replaced lives can’t. All lives matter.

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