• Lynn Myers

Day Six of the Three Rivers Fire

As we now enter day six of the Three Rivers fire the weather is starting to return to a more normal seasonal type of weather. For those who have lived in the area for any length of time they know the saying “Don’t plant anything until after Mother’s Day”. This can be said of fire too. Until mid-May the weather is very unpredictable I the Sacramento Mountains. I have even experienced snow the first week of June. What I am saying is that mother nature has given us a reprieve for the moment but there is no telling what is in store down the road.

If as expected dryer weather comes back and with it so does the wind, we can expect that the fire will once again flair up. That is why the Crews are busy constructing containment lines and scouting the best areas to start new containment lines.

There is expected to be continued growth in the Indian Creek area and to the north along the Crest Trail near Rattlesnake Canyon within the next few days. However, due to the previously bur scar of the Little Bear Fire and the mixture of Aspen and new growth the movement of the fire to the east should be less. Where the Little Bear Fire footprint was most sever, they expect minimal fire growth. The expansion of the total perimeter of this fire is not expected but rather isolated areas expanding their individual footprints using available adjacent fuels.

As of the briefing last evening, there are now 361 personnel working this fire, and as expected it has grown to 6951 acres with 13 % containment.

As a reminder Please do not fly drones in the fire area as it is a NO DRONE ZONE. The other thing is that we need to be watchful of the space around us and report anything that is out of the norm.

Unless there has been a drastic change my next report will be tomorrow. Each day is getting a little better. Lets hope and pray for no wind and better humidity.

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