• Lynn Myers

Day Four of the Three Rivers Fire 04/29/2021

Good Morning Ruidoso!

Hopefully, this will be short and sweet. Not too much has changed since my last update. I did wake up to a thin layer of snow most of which is gone and turned to a light but steady drizzle.

Which is a great segue into my report. At the last report there are now 168 personnel working the lines and the fire area remains at 12,000 acres with a containment of 5%.

Due in part to the weather conditions the action or behavior of the fire is minimal and smoldering. However, this weather pattern is expected to be out of here by Friday and will lead to a return of warming and drying conditions, which will include lighter winds. By Sunday Monday we should expect more May like weather.

Over the next 72 hours the firefighters will be watching the smoldering of dead and downed plant life so that they can get ahead of any out breaks. As more seasonable weather returns this may cause a change from smoldering to creeping. Thus, the need in keeping a cautious eye on the situation and the reason for the conservative reporting by the various agencies.

Crews will continue constructing containment lines, scout additional fire lines and prep area roads from South Fork to Argentina Bonito Trailhead. In addition, they will “recon” structures and develop triage plans.

One last note: Wildfires are a NO DRONEZONE. Every time drone is seen near the fire all aircraft will be grounded until the area is secured.

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