• Lynn Myers

Day Five of the Three Rivers Fire 0430/2021

The unseasonable weather that we have been having over the past couple of days has now pushed through and although it is cooler today than normal, we can expect more warming and drying temperatures over the weekend. We can be very thankful for the weather and the fact that the prior burn scar from the Little Bear Fire was able to slow the fire down considerably. As many of us know fires are unpredictable and caution should be the case until we have full containment.

Caution and safety are of the utmost for all of us. The fire season has arrived early this year and we all need to be vigilant and careful when using fire during this drought. Although we may get moisture it doesn’t necessarily mean that that moisture is sinking into the ground where it is needed. We must remember that we have been under drought conditions for several years now and it will take a long time to get the land back to where it was prior to the drought. Please remind our friends, neighbors, and visitors to our community to be careful. For although they pare visiting today, we want there to be something for them to come back to next year and the years to come.

As for the update there have been a few minor changes. The biggest change is in the actual perimeter of the fire. Due to more accurate mapping of the fire area the acreage has been down sized from 12,000 to 5,297 and containment is now 13%. I imagen that this is due in part to the use of the Infrared (IR) flight previously mentioned in my update on Wednesday morning.

There are now 266 personnel attached to this fire. The crews continue to construct and scout containment lines. With the goal of complete containment by 06/04/2021. One thing to note is that they are proceeding with extreme caution and for that reason do not want to tell us something that they may later have to retract. Like the adjustment to the acreage, it is far better in the end to say the fire burned less or took a shorter amount of time to put down than they thought. Than have to explain how they could get it so wrong and much more damage was done.

As of last nights, briefing and over the next few days it is felt that most of the fire activity will be centered around Crest Trail, upper Goat Canyon, upper Rattlesnake Canyon, and Indian Creek.

One of the things that the crews will be looking for are pockets of heat which have in essence hibernated in dead and downed trees and brush. These can flair up and reignite the fire. Another reason for not only the crews to be vigilant but for the residents of this community who are once again out and about to report if they see something.

In that there is now only one daily briefing I will only be posting my official updates in the morning. I will however, post anything that is of an urgent matter as soon as I am made aware of it.

Again, please keep in mind: Wildfires are a NO DRONE ZONE. Every time drone is seen near the fire all aircraft will be grounded until the area is secured. We do not want to do anything that will in anyway hamper the progress that the fire crew is making

There is one last item on my agenda. I have received a number of calls and emails; plus, there have been several postings, regarding assisting the fire fighters on the Type 1 Team. By offering food and other necessities. Although I am sure they appreciate the offer here are a few reasons why they might not accept the offers. These are my thoughts based on prior encounters.

1. The Team comes into the community with everything that is needed for the incident. Be it fire, flood, tornado, earthquake, etc...

2. They don’t want to place a hardship on a community that is already facing stressors.

3. When the Team comes in our U.S. tax dollars are paying for them to be here.

4. This one is something that many may not think about but, they do not know us and with everything that has been happening in our nation over the last several months there is need for extra precautions. Just stop and think, how would you feel if you or your loved one were called into an area where you/they are unfamiliar, after having witnessed the events over the past several months. We must look at things from their prospective.

I am sure that they appreciate the thoughts and gestures, but they have a job to do and want to go home as quickly as possible.

The best way to thank them is with signs, Elbow bumps if you see them in a business or just a “thank you for your service”.

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