• Lynn Myers

A Time for Concern

This will be a short fact sheet and prelude to my next blog. Which, I hope will be out in the next couple of days.

I never thought that I was an alarmist, tonight I am sounding the alarm. At 8:30 PM New Mexico time I received a call from my daughter. She is the entertainment director and a privately owned, 5 diamond resort/casino in Reno Nevada. The governor of that state has put the entire state on lockdown. What this means is, that NO ONE is to leave their home for the next 30 days.

I am sure that by the time most of you get up in the morning, and before you have had a chance to see this semi blog, this information will be all over the NEWS MEDIA as well as SOCIAL MEDIA. Most of what you will hear will be about Las Vegas. What I want you to hear is how this will affect the privately owned casinos throughout that state, their employees.

I also hope that you will keep in mind, that this could happen in your state.

As of Friday March 13th. My daughter had the task of letting all employees under her know that they no longer had a job. This was also true of half of the employees in this casino. If you were an hourly employee you were let go with ONLY the pay you had built up for vacation time. Most in her department were new employees and had little or none. As the days followed more and more employees were let go. Until yesterday afternoon she was told that the casino would be closing.

Unlike Las Vegas, who will be paying their employees for the 30 day lockdown. There will be NO PAY for the salaried or hourly employees of the privately owned casinos. She will not even be able to collect unemployment, because until a salaried get formal , in writing, notice , they cannot collect unemployment. This is considered an unpaid leave of absences. Consider this, She has just moved to Reno, she has not yet completed her probationary period. She has a college age child, whom she is trying to get home from the east coast, after the closing of that college last week. No liquid funds available to her and to clear vision as to what will happen in the near future.

This is not just happening to her, but to businesses both large and small throughout Nevada. This is in every sense of the word a CRISIS.

So, what does my daughter do, she calls her parents to make sure that we are taking this seriously. Her main concern is that we STAY HOME, DO NOT GO OUT UNLESS IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. Why is she concerned? Because both Mike and I fit into both criteria risk categories. We are over 60 and have compromised immune systems.

So, taking my daughter’s concern and voicing it to all those out there, both within the village of Ruidoso, the state of New Mexico, and the Nation. If you are over 60, and or have a compromised immune system or have a family member who is at high risk. STAY HOME, don’t take chances. Ask a neighbor, friend or family member, to go to the store for you. See if your doctor’s appointments can be done over the phone or by Video Chat. If you are able to work at home, then do so.

Let’s work together to see that the numbers go down instead of up. The more people who heed this advice the sooner we will see results nationwide, and the faster we will be able to get back to our normal lives.


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