Lincoln County On Scene Support (OSS)

  • We provide first line support for our First Responders

  • OSS is a non-profit, all volunteer organization

  • We provide hydration and nourishment for our area first responders while on incidents lasting longer than 2 hours

  • We are contacted directly by each department (fire/police/search and rescue/forestry) in Lincoln County New Mexico

  • In addition to hydration and nourishment, we also supply rain ponchos and space blankets when needed

  • Tailgating services from our existing truck are not the best suited for much of the inclement weather in the Sacramento mountains of southern New Mexico

  • We are requesting funds to renovate a decommissioned ambulance for the Rescuers and Responders (R&R)

  • All contributions in cash or equivalent are welcome and greatly appreciated

  • Our 501c(3) application is in process

  • Please consider clicking on our Go Fund Me page or mailing your donation to: On Scene Support, 125 Leon Farrar Drive, Ruidoso, NM 88345

  • Or email us! Click here.